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I first started helping families way back in 2007.


I have worked across different contexts across Australia with infants and children of all ages with complex communication needs including neurodivergent children and young people with co-existing complex physical impairments. From this diverse work I identified that I wanted to find the freedom and flexibility to provide support for families and children in a more tailored and practical way in everyday environments. Our vision is to create a safe space (like a cocoon) for each child to be surrounded by supports as their communication transforms so they can emerge from that cocoon ready to fly and be the unique and amazingly colourful individual they are. Our favourite way to work is firstly develop a relationship of trust and mutual respect, then to conduct a thorough evaluation of each child's communication strengths and challenges as well as an understanding of their interests and motivation in order to select the ideal communication system for them.


We then work on daily implementation and learning experiences with that communication system in natural environments by educating and empowering all the communication partners around a child. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a littler person spread their communication wings and fly.

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